Casino blackjack strategy and charts that will improve your game

Blackjack is a smarter game than roulette, slots, or baccarat, where winning is more a matter of chance and less dependent on the skill of the player. In blackjack, the opposite is true. Based on the theory of probability, mathematicians have long figured out the optimal solutions for each blackjack combination, creating a universal basic strategy that has long been proven to be effective.

Casino blackjack strategy and charts to get an upper hand

To begin with, let’s consider a basic casino blackjack strategy chart and a fairly popular tactic of how can you predict the dealer’s final combination by his first open card. All probabilities of getting a certain number of points at the dealer are presented in percentage terms. The contents of the chart show that with a certain starting card of the dealer, the probability of getting a certain amount of points or “busting” (Bust) can sharply increase or decrease.

By analyzing his pair of cards and the dealer’s first card, comparing this information with the chances of getting a combination that is not profitable for the player, he can make more informed decisions and avoid unnecessary risks.

Advantages of the chart:

  • Easy to navigate;
  • Provides a higher win rate;
  • Tested by time and millions of players.

And the disadvantage is that is is hard to memorize.

Back in 1962, the American professor of mathematics and an ardent fan of blackjack Edward O. Thorpe presented to the world a basic strategy, which for more than 50 years of its existence has practically not changed and has not lost its relevance. The entire strategy is summarized in an easy-to-use chart that contains a column with the player’s card combinations, a row with the dealer’s first card, as well as actions at the intersection of the column and the row, recommended in a particular game situation. You can verify the effectiveness of the online casino blackjack strategy while playing in the free mode.

Advantages of the chart:

  1. Easy to understand casino blackjack strategy;
  2. Proven to be useful;
  3. Easy to memorize.

And the disadvantage is that some players say that it does not work.

Your own strategy

It is not uncommon for players to come up with their own blackjack strategies, which, in their opinion, can increase the likelihood of winning. And that’s not bad in principle. But quite often, when developing an author’s strategy, players do not rely on a rigorous mathematical calculation, but on their own intuition, which in no way contributes to an increase in profit in the game.

Use of blackjack chart in the casino

Of course, going to a real casino with a chart of strategies, and especially a hefty stack of tables for each individual case, will not work unless you memorize them. But in an online casino, no one is going to catch your hand, and this is the huge advantage of online casinos for the player. Use the table as a cheat sheet and strictly follow its tips. By the way, the strategy chart is available online for free, so you shouldn’t waste money on scammers who claim that only they offer you an effective option. We are talking about statistics, which do not give any guarantees, but they clearly show an approximate picture of what is happening, and you can safely focus on it.

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