Blackjack Perfect Pairs: types, rules, odds

Perfect pairs is one of the most popular variations of blackjack. In addition to the standard rates, it offers an additional rate. This blackjack variation is very popular in London and Macau. By the way, Australians prefer this game more than Europeans and Asians.

Online casino players can access this variation of blackjack if the casino of their choice works with software from Microgaming, Cryptologic, Realtime Gaming and Vegas Technology. Ideal couples are now gaining popularity with might and main. Therefore, we hope that other operators will add them to their games list.

Perfect Pairs Rules

Blackjack Perfect Pairs is based on the rules of Strip Vegas Blackjack. The only difference is that Perfect Pairs include an additional bet and can be played with 2 to 8 decks of cards. In fact, perfect pairs can be added to any variation of blackjack without significantly changing the rules.

An additional bet is placed on getting a pair with the original cards. The bet is placed before the distribution. There are two areas on the table for this bet: one is designated as “perfect pairs” and the other is for a reverse bet.

The bet on perfect pairs does not have to be equal to the original bet. But it is simply necessary to fit into the indicated restrictions.

The bet on perfect pairs is made immediately after the initial one. After that, you have the right to make standard moves – take a card, double your bet, split.

Types of pairs:

Depending on the type of pair, casinos offer players the following payouts:

  • An ideal pair is two identical cards (for example, two 9s of hearts, or two queens of spades).
  • Colored pair – two cards of the same rank and color (for example, 9 of hearts and 9 of diamonds).
  • Red / black pair – two cards of the same rank and color (10 clubs and 10 spades).

Blackjack Perfect Pairs Odds

When you play Blackjack Perfect Pairs with 8 decks, the odds of success are distributed as follows. Different casinos may offer their own odds for this bet.

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