How to win at blackjack is of interest to many casino visitors. The game is very exciting, and the final result largely depends on the strategy used and the skill of the player. Each participant plays against the dealer. A deck of 52 cards is used in the distribution. The winner is the one who was able to score 21 points or more than the dealer.

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Important Features of Blackjack Blackjack

Jack appeared BC, but the general essence of the rules remained unchanged. Before the distribution, each player at the table makes a bet. Then the dealer deals two cards to each player, face down.

The dealer deals two cards to himself, but only one face-up and the other face-down. This makes it possible to assess the dealer’s chances. If the face-up card is an ace, a blackjack check is carried out immediately. If there are 21 points, all players lose at once. Now you can play blackjack for free and calmly deal with all the nuances of the game.

If the dealer has 21 points missing, the distribution continues. Accordingly, each participant receives the following opportunities:

  • take another card,
  • stop the addition,
  • raise the rate and get another card,
  • reset.

As soon as all the moves are completed, the accumulated points are counted and compared with the dealer’s combination.

Another important point is that if you play blackjack for real money and when the dealer is dealt there is a bust, the players will automatically win.

Cards ranking

Before you sit down at the table and start playing, you need to study the value of each card and count points in blackjack absolutely accurately.

Ace – depending on the current distribution, it can be counted as 1 or 11 points,

10, jack, queen, king – 10 points,

from 2 to 9 – according to its face value.

Understanding how to win at blackjack

Now there are many recommendations and strategies on how to win at blackjack in casinos. Let’s highlight the most important points that can significantly increase the chances of winning.

Choosing the optimal position at the table

When playing in an online casino, special attention should be paid to the choice of boxing:

  • Sitting at the outermost box, we get extra time to assess the situation at the table. This little trick can significantly reduce losses.
  • However, if you have little experience and play unsuccessfully on the last box, you will greatly annoy other players, since the second card of the dealer largely depends on your decision.

In any case, if the situation permits, we sit down for the last box. In this case, self-publishing in blackjack 2017 will be much easier to win.

Basic Strategy

Almost every player has this strategy in mind. It makes it possible to make the coldest and most calculating decisions. The effect of it is felt at a long distance, and all the recommendations written in it have been checked many times by the players.

The whole point of this strategy is to tell the player when to take another card, in what situations to divide, and where to abandon the card altogether. The calculation is based on the dealer’s blackjack points, or rather the open card. The six is ​​considered weak, while the ace is the strongest.

The final decision largely depends on the card that the dealer opens. It can also vary depending on whether the player has a hard or soft hand. In the first case, there is no ace in the combination, and in the second it is. Considering that it can count as both 1 point and 11, this makes the card soft.

To test this and other strategies, it’s worth playing blackjack for free. If the hand is firm, take another card, only if there are up to 8 points in the hand, we double from 9 to 11. If you have 12 points, you should fold if the dealer has up to 6 points. The split option becomes relevant if there is a pair on hand. In this case, you should stick to the following plan:

  • 8-8 and A-A – divide in all situations,
  • 10-10 and 5-5 – do not divide,
  • 4-4 – any division is excluded,
  • 9-9 – fold if the dealer has an ace or ten open, divide in all other situations,

In general, to make it more convenient to play blackjack for money according to the basic strategy, you should find a special table. It is compiled by experienced players and allows you to quickly figure out how to act in a given situation.

We play Martingale This is a very old strategy, so it is likely that it was used by players who had fun at jack black in BC. It is used not only in cards, but also in sports betting. The system stands out with both pluses and minuses. Its main feature is that it is necessary to double the amount of the bet for each loss. After winning, the size of the bet is returned to the minimum.

However, even with minimal calculations, it becomes clear that a solid bank is required, even operating at minimal rates. So, if you lose samizdat in blackjack 2017 8-9 times in a row, then the bet amount will increase to 51 dollars if you start from 10 cents. Of course, the subsequent win will compensate for all losses and provide a plus, but if the game bank is small, it is better to abandon this system.

The Martingale strategy requires tremendous self-control, composure, but even if all this is there, there are no guarantees that there will be a win.

How else can you win at Blackjack

If you play blackjack for real money, you will notice that the played cards are removed to the side. They are gone in the next hands. Remembering which cards have already come out, you can significantly calculate the probability of winning. This system works only if all played cards are taken into account, therefore, its use is permissible only from a new deck.

Here, it is worth noting that now in blackjack 2017 samizdat, players use various methods of counting. Accordingly, before deciding on the optimal method, it is worth practicing and testing everything. Only this approach will allow you to get the maximum effect from such a system.

It is worth noting that card counting is completely prohibited in many casinos. Before using this strategy, be sure to read the rules to avoid unpleasant situations.

Tracking the shuffle

Tracking the shuffle is another strategy and is perfect for those who have made it their goal to figure out how to win at blackjack. The essence of this system is to keep track of certain cards and the peculiarities of their mixing. While it may seem at once that it is very easy to follow the maps, in practice everything is much more complicated. Many professional players note that it took them over a year to master the system.

How the strategy works

Absolutely in any gaming establishment, shuffling is used to ensure a random drop of cards. Thorough shuffling takes a lot of time and this process takes place in front of the players.

For the strategy to be successful, it is necessary to carefully analyze how the dealer shuffles the deck. There are several ways available for Igorokam to assess the prospects of shuffling. All attention should be focused on the groups of cards in which the greatest concentration of tens and aces. Next, you should take into account the played cards. With its excellent memory, it is possible to place very accurate bets on every draw.

Watching the aces

The Ace Sequencing Strategy is another method of keeping track of the shuffling of the deck. It was developed by the famous player Alem Francesco. His name is inscribed even in the blackjack hall of fame. The main feature of the system is control over the movement of aces. And not only behind them, but also behind the neighboring cards. You need to act like this. If an ace comes up, you need to sharply raise the rate, as there is a high probability of collecting winning blackjack points. In practice, it is very difficult to apply the strategy.

Does card counting work in practice

Many players ask quite a logical question, is card counting self-published in blackjack 2017. By controlling played and withdrawn cards, it is possible to identify winning and knowingly losing hands. In blackjack, everything can change every second. Noticing a good hand, you can immediately raise the rate. If you thoroughly polish card counting and improve your gaming skills, you can consistently win at the casino. However, you should always remember that no matter how accurately you count the cards, you will not be able to win every round.


The system is quite well-known, but its effectiveness is questionable. Although if blackjack is played for money, then certain advantages from its use are present. 1-3-2-6 is a betting schedule. So, on the first distribution there is a bet of 1 dollar, in case of a win, a bet of 3 dollars follows, if another victory is 2 dollars, and the winning streak ends with 6 dollars at stake. After completing the circle, we start everything with $ 1.

Although the strategy stands out for its particular simplicity, it must be borne in mind that it is used by professionals who perfectly read the game. It’s hard for beginners to count on four wins in a row, so it’s worth playing blackjack for free to practice your skills.

The pursuit

How to win at blackjack with maximum excitement is to apply a strategy of pursuit. At the initial stage, we decide on the size of the minimum and maximum bets and sit down at the table. We start with the minimum bet, win, go to the maximum. After each unsuccessful round, we return to the minimum bet.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that you have to rely solely on luck. It will turn out to be a successful series, the winnings will be decent. On the other hand, if the carat is bad, then the loss will be minimal. Therefore, it is quite promising to play self-published blackjack 2017 using this system.

To play blackjack for real money using this strategy requires excellent concentration and attention. It is difficult for novice players to master this method, so pay attention to other systems.

Neat pursuit

A well-designed strategy that performs excellently when playing in an online casino. Such persecution significantly reduces the risks. In this case, you will need to decide not only with the maximum and minimum, but with the average rate. We start with the minimum until we succeed.

However, if the blackjack points are winning, then the plan of action is as follows:

  • the first victory is the maximum,
  • second win – average bet,
  • the third victory is the minimum.

The main emphasis is on the fact that a winning streak is extremely rare, but two or three wins are quite a frequent event. Otherwise, a constant increase in the bet can lead to the fact that the loss will take away a significant proportion of the previously won funds. For novice players, this strategy is ideal. It minimizes risks and allows you to count on a successful game.

Play Blackjack for Free

You should definitely try playing blackjack for free. This mode is available in online casinos and allows all beginners to understand all the intricacies of the game and work out strategies. This free training will allow you to confidently play for money in the future. In addition, in the gambling hall, the minimum bet is very small, thus in practice it will be much easier to test your skills.

Some Important Tips for Playing Blackjack Effectively

If you are interested in how to win at blackjack, then the following tips will definitely come in handy.

The last step should always be yours. We always sit on the leftmost seat. In this case, you always leave the key decision to yourself.

We logically assess the situation. Occupying the last box, you can face such a situation. On the hands of 12 points, any card is required except 10, but the players sitting next to them have extremely small cards. In such a situation, it is better to eliminate the risk, although all strategies will say the opposite, there is a high probability that exactly 10 will fall out.

If possible, we double it. If the game bank is decent, and good points fall out in blackjack, then we try to play for doubling. Such a risk will pay off with a decent payoff.

We pause in time. After a long winning streak, the wind may blow in the other direction. Either we change the table or leave the casino.

Jack black BC was available only to a select few. Now absolutely everyone can play this game. All you need to do is register at the casino, replenish your account and you can enjoy the best card game.

Are there bad strategies in Blackjack Blackjack

Appeared a long time ago, before our era, and over the entire existence of the game, many different strategies have been born. Some have already been practically forgotten, while others are quite in demand. One thing for sure is that each strategy has its own pros and cons. Most of the mistakes are made by the players themselves, picking up cards, stands, splits incorrectly. Also, a number of other actions can cause serious harm – incorrectly taken insurance, repetition of the dealer’s actions and a mistake with choosing a seat at the table.

Any strategy is aimed at making the game as simple as possible, making it more stable and reliable. However, you should not rely on it completely, you need to connect your intuition and assess the current situation on the table as accurately as possible.

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