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How to Play Blackjack and Win Real Cash

When it comes to determining the objective of Blackjack certain misconceptions arise. However, at the simplest, yet the most correct level, all that a player is trying to do, is to beat the dealer. How to do that? Here are all the possible ways of leaving the game with a victory: draw a hand the value of which is higher than that of the dealer’s hand; the dealer draws a hand the value of which […]

Casino blackjack strategy and charts that will improve your game

Blackjack is a smarter game than roulette, slots, or baccarat, where winning is more a matter of chance and less dependent on the skill of the player. In blackjack, the opposite is true. Based on the theory of probability, mathematicians have long figured out the optimal solutions for each blackjack combination, creating a universal basic strategy that has long been proven to be effective. Casino blackjack strategy and charts to get an upper hand To […]

Online Blackjack Canada is one of the best real money table games

Online Blackjack

Tired of long Texas Hold’em tournaments? Not surprisingly, tournaments with large buy-ins can easily take 5-10 hours, and this is only the first round. Not fun playing Omaha anymore? The fun becomes even less fun when you can’t find an active table or tournament for a long time. Do you think slots, roulette, wheel of fortune are too simple games in which only luck is required? And you are right, because here you cannot influence […]