International Intrigue, Doping and Diaries

DEVELOPING: The New York Times has seen the journals of Grigory Rodchenkov, the former director of Russia’s antidoping lab, and the IOC is very interested in their contents. 

More from Rebecca Ruiz:

“On Feb. 3, four days before the Sochi Games began, Rodchenkov’s preparations culminated with his presentation to Mutko, the sports minister. In a meeting at Mutko’s office at the local organizing committee’s headquarters, Rodchenkov wrote that day, he had handed Mutko a copy of the “Duchess list,” naming the dozens of Russian Olympians who were ingesting the drug cocktail and would have their incriminating urine swapped out with their prestocked clean urine.”


Image: Hilary Swift/NYT

Image: Hilary Swift/NYT

USA Sports Council statement on Paris Accord

"The United States has always been a leader among the progressive countries in the world and, unfortunately for all, today has marked a step back in this direction, however, a majority in this country believe this is a temporary setback. Years and years of hard work among peoples of all cultures, all continents have agreed that this Paris Accord is for the benefit of humankind, and it has nothing to do with politics of any kind. We only have one world to live in and our leaders are responsible for what we do with it and on it."

- USA Sports Council President/CEO, Alfredo La Mont