The U.S. Ju-Jitsu Federation is Growing...

The United States Ju-Jitsu Federation (USJJF) has recently launched a new website for USA JIU-JITSU , USJJF's National System & Program of BJJ: Grappling.

USJJF National Programs include:

  1. UNITED STATES JU-JITSU  - Ju-Jitsu System for Self Improvement & Development

  2. USA JU-JITSU - Sport Ju-Jitsu Program for "Sport" - focus

  3. USA JUJUTSU - Traditional Jujutsu Program for "Traditional"- focus

  4. USA JIU-JITSU - BJJ - Grappling System & Program for "Ne-Waza" - focus

  5. UNITED STATES PARA JIU-JITSU - Para Jiu-Jitsu Program for "Challenge" - focus

  6. UNITED STATES TAIHO JUTSU - Police Self-Defense Program for "Law Enforcement" - focus

The USJJF is the Member Sport body representing the sport of Ju-Jitsu on the USA Sports Council.
Since its Founding by George E. Anderson in 1971 - USJJF has been committed to excellence and has worked to unify American Ju-Jitsuka. USJJF's focus has also been to expand Ju-Jitsu related services and opportunities for its members.

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USJJF's National Program Web Page:

New Website for USA Jiu-Jitsu: