IAAF Plays Hardball with Russia

From the BBC: "Rune Andersen, chairman of the IAAF taskforce looking into Russian doping, said because the country had "still not acknowledged the institutional doping scheme [that was] uncovered" there can be "no comfort it will not be repeated".

After systematic state sponsored doping was exposed in the McLaren Report, Russia was expected to have met reforms set out by WADA by November 2017.

However, the International Association of Athletics Federations says many requirements have still not been met. An IAAF Taskforce has recommended that the Russian Athletics Federation should not be reinstated and the IAAF Council has accepted. 

According to the press release from March 6, 2018: the Council "has agreed that if progress is not made, further measures should be discussed at the July Council meeting as a means of prompting greater efforts in Russia, including withdrawing permission for Russian athletes to compete as neutrals athletes, and ultimately taking the steps necessary to recommend to Congress that RusAF be expelled from IAAF membership."


Screencap: iaaf-taskforce-report-to-iaaf-council-6-march.pdf

Screencap: iaaf-taskforce-report-to-iaaf-council-6-march.pdf