USA Sports Council Elections, New Member.


The USA Sports Council held its annual General Assembly by conference call on December 18, 2017 and held elections for various positions throughout the organization which included re-election of Alfredo La Mont as President/CEO, Frank Babcock of the United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation as Vice President, Danny Passaglia of the United States Bocce Federation as Vice President, Sandi Wiemers of the United States Twirling Association as Treasurer, and Carole Hokrein of the United States Netball Association as Secretary-General. The sports nonprofit also received and approved the application for membership by the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation, under the direction of Bruce Bethers. Ju-Jitsu joins aikido, cheerleading, netball, bocce, MMA, sambo, twirling, skateboarding, parkour and pro minigolf as a USASC member sport.

The USA Sports Council was founded on February 2012 and encompasses all national governing bodies of sport, health and lifestyle activities to provide them with the development of leadership, adoption of national best practices standards, domestic recognition, and leverage.

The USASC functions as the single national sports organization to all national governing bodies of sport, health and lifestyle to:

  • Provide recognition.
  • Support and enhance business interests.
  • Provide governance guidance. 
  • Share best practices.
  • Promote professional development, and 
  • Formulate a collective voice on issues of common interest.

The USA Sports Council shall provide a universal standard of recognition for one national governing body for each sport and or activity, will protect the welfare of all athletes and participants and shall strive to leverage negotiation with private corporations, government agencies, private and public foundations, etc. for the common and individual benefit of the members.