The USA Sports Council Newsletter 07

September 04, 2017
Newsletter 07


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Highlighting important and relevant information on the Olympics and sports movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at the USA Sports Council's comments on recent statements by the IOC Sport Director, a not-so-shocking study on widespread doping, and a look ahead at the Lima IOC Session, plus a roundup of some of the latest sports news from late August and early September. 

This Week...

- USASC Comments on 2028 Program
- Study reveals widespread doping in athletics
- Sports world rallies for Harvey victims
- Lime 2017 Session countdown
- Bach talks e-sports

and more.

The USA Sports Council Comments on IOC Sport Director's Statements Regarding 2028 Program. 

The IOC sports director reveals “composition of program for 2028 Olympics will remain at same level as 2024” in an interview he gave to Max Winters (insidethegames 7/21, Wroclaw). In that interview, McConnell has warned that the composition of the sports program for the 2028 Olympic Games will remain at the same level as 2024 to avoid the host having to incur extra costs. But to most of the sports waiting in line to have an event or two included in the program of the Olympic Games, 2028 is too far out for strategic and funding efforts. Even though the IOC has the luxury of looking at a “long term vision” the sports not on the program do not have it.  


It is clear that the IOC is now confidently looking at adding sports events in a limited format that allow for showcasing sports that are popular and youth-oriented and include men and women but without increasing the number of athletes in any significant manner. To achieve this, the sports events that have been approved for 2020 and who do not have any assurances that they will become permanent part of the Olympic program, notably have to prove that they are indeed worthy of the most important sports event in the world, but they will also have to prove they are well organized and adhere to Olympic standards as per the IOC Charter and the Universal Principles. McConnell further states: “With the pace of change and innovation in these sports we need the flexibility in the Olympic program to also reflect that and we will see what sports develop and what the Games’ Organizing Committee’s may propose over this time. It is a matter of not increasing the overall size, cost and complexity, but allowing some room for innovation and flexibility. With 2024, it will be a very similar process as before, but we will make the decisions on the event program and athlete quotas earlier than we have in the past in December 2020.”  


So with a deadline set, what do the aspiring and existing events have to do to meet the criteria set by the IOC? Two roads are clear, even if neither is easy: the first one is an official and traditional one that follows the established route of incorporating an international federation (not necessarily a non-profit), bring on board a reasonable number of national federations, submit an application to GAISF/Sportaccord, hope there is no opposition, hope it gets processed quickly and submitted for approval at the GA, and then submit the application for recognition to the IOC. And then hope one of the events is selected. 


The second one is the non official short-track one where the IOC brings together a group of interested parties, usually more than one group claiming jurisdiction for the sport and, critical step, it also brings to the table an existing and recognized IF that has (from the IOC’s perspective) some similitude to the sport in question, or ambitions of its own to expand. Following strategic meetings at the end the IOC hands over the control of the sport to this recognized IF - as was the case with Skateboarding, handed out to FIRS, and more recently Parkour handed out to FIG. In neither case have any of the two IFs have had any previous experience or done any work with the corresponding new and popular sports. 


McConnell remains keen, however, to ensure that there would be some room for maneuver within the program for 2028 moving forward. There were five sports added to the program for Tokyo 2020 after they were awarded the Olympics in 2013. Karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing are due to make their Olympic debut in the Japanese capital, while baseball and softball will return to the program for the first time since Beijing 2008. "We want to keep the flexibility that we have shown with Tokyo 2020 and obviously in the event program and athlete quotas as we look forward to 2024 to be able to continue to adapt and to continue to reflect what will happen in the existing sports between now and 2028," McConnell said.  


"I think we will look at a similar cycle for the finalization of the event program for 2028, but we certainly won’t be looking to increase the overall size.” 


So, if you are an IF with expectations or hopes of reaching a place in the Olympic Program, albeit with no financial benefits expectations and no assurance that the event will remain from then on in the Olympic Games, these are now the two roads you can follow. Expect the visit of consummate consultants to guide and charge you through the process, whichever you chose. 


- Alfredo La Mont, CEO, The USA Sports Council




WADA-Funded Study Reveals Widespread Doping in Athletics. 

"Over 30 percent of athletes who competed at the 2011 world championships admitted to having used banned substances in the past, according to a World Anti-Doping Agency-commissioned study released...

The study, conducted by researchers from Germany’s University of Tuebingen and Harvard Medical School in 2011, found that more than 30 percent of world championship participants and over 45 percent of athletes at the 2011 Pan-Arab Games said they had taken banned drugs." via Reuters. 


Sports World Donates and Raises Millions for Victims of Harvey. 

From the LA Times: "Tropical Storm Harvey has brought tremendous devastation to Houston and surrounding areas, and members of the athletic community are donating large amounts of money to the relief efforts."


131st IOC Session in Lima Kicks off Soon.

Get caught up on the Official IOC Programme for the Executive Board Meeting in Lima this September 11th - 15th including the Candidate City Presentations and vote which is expected to officially bring the Games to Paris in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028. 



Bach Not Playing E-Games When it Comes to E-Sports.  

"For esports to become an Olympic sport it needs to have a recognized governing federation and a single set of rules, Bach says. Currently the lifespan of any video game is too short for it to become an Olympic sport, and the games would have to adhere to Olympic values.

'We want to promote non-discrimination, non-violence, and peace among people,” Bach said to the SCMP, an Alibaba-owned paper. “This doesn’t match with video games, which are about violence, explosions and killing. And there we have to draw a clear line.'" via Around the Rings.



Olympic Medalist Gracie Gold Taking Break from Figure Skating. 

"Jenny Kirk, a former world junior champion, puts part of the blame on coaches and fans, but most on the skating system itself, which updated its scoring agenda to reward technical moves, jumps and spins, that she said are 'a lot harder…when one’s body is more womanly.'

'Until this system is tweaked, I don’t see a change in the number of injuries and the pressure for skaters to stay an unusually small size.'" - via Washington Post.



WADA Publishes Parents' Guide to Support Clean Sport.  

"Specifically designed for parents of athletes, this education resource is intended to inform them about essential topics so that they can assist with clean athlete development by preventing the use of substances and methods prohibited in sport. The short booklet covers basic facts and includes links to websites with further information for parents..." via WADA. 





- IOC Member and Olympian Anita DeFrantz publishes "My Olympic Life".

IPC to analyze diversity, roll out 2020 program and elect new President this month. 

- 1968 Salute leaves lasting impact on social activism in Olympic Movement

- Nurse that was violently arrested in Utah is a two-time Olympian.

Kobe Bryant teams up with Star Wars composer John Williams for animated short.

From Pokémon Go to Esports: how video games can get kids active.  

- Venus Williams "super excited" to be a new aunt

- Team USA's Week in 16 Photos highlights US Open, other sports.

Martin Luther King Jr. understood importance of sports.

Jake Olson, USC long snapper who is blind, played for first time. 



"Thinking of everyone affected by hurricane Harvey and people in Houston area dealing with flooding. Stay safe." - USWNT player @CarliLloyd

"4:00 Serena Williams daughter is born. 
4:04 Serena Williams daughter ranked in top 100 for WTA." - journalist @owillis

"#LA84 President Emeritus and Olympic sporting pioneer Anita DeFrantz is the defintion of LA84's motto: Life Ready Through Sport." - @LA84Foundation

Never thought I'd be on stage w/ the great JOHN WILLIAMS @HollywoodBowl to perform the #DearBasketball animated short. Thank u LA #mindblown - Olympian @kobebryant

"When I think about my connection to #LA84 and now look forward to all of the excitement#LA2028 will bring I say #WOW! [love] the #volunteers!" - Olympian @greglouganis



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