The USA Sports Council Newsletter 05

August 4, 2017
Newsletter 05


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on the Olympics and sports movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at the IOC, Paris and Los Angeles' 'win-win-win' announcement and WADA's line in the sand plus a roundup of some of the latest sports news. 

This week...

- #Paris2024 #LA2028
- WADA and Russia
- Roadmap to Code Compliance
- IWGA Enjoys Success at Wroclaw

and more.


The USASC Statement on Los Angeles 2028 Announcement

“The USA Sports Council joins in the excitement that the sports community in the USA is feeling after learning that the Olympic Games are coming back to this country, after 32 years since they were held in Atlanta in the summer of 1996.

From the time of the first Olympics in Los Angeles in 1932, to the “Festive Federalism” that was created by the community of athletes and sports leaders that came from Los Angeles 1984, this city once again establishes a firm footing as the creative and sports culture capital of the world.

This decision of the IOC to award to Olympic Games at the same time does away with a tradition but also brings a period of four years of calm and planning, and not of frantic and expensive bidding. Away with tradition, we welcome expediency.

The opportunities for further development of inclusive plans and programs that we might see by LA2028, not only in terms of the mainstream Olympic sports, but with Paralympics both domestic and international, local youth outreach programs which the LA84 Foundation has very successfully ran from a portion of the profit made in 1984, and the development of new sports are some of the accomplishments we expect to see. Meanwhile, the the state of technology we will see is still not on our horizon, but rest assured it will be there.

Remember, may of the future stars of LA28 are still in elementary school. Here is to the future and the youth of sports. A warm congratulations to Los Angeles and Paris for both getting the Games, and to the IOC for taking this unique step.


President/CEO The USA Sports Council, Alfredo La Mont




#Paris2024 and #LA2028 are Official. 

LA Times reports: "After weeks of negotiations with the International Olympic Committee, Los Angeles officials have reached a deal to host the 2028 Summer Games under terms they hope will generate hundreds of millions in savings and additional revenues." 


IPC Welcomes Decision for Paris and Los Angeles.

“The whole Paralympic Movement welcomes the decision by Los Angeles to put themselves forward to host the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Pending ratification at September’s IOC session, this effectively means Paris will stage the 2024 Games...

With Tokyo 2020 on course to stage one of the best Paralympic Games to date, the future looks extremely promising with Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028.”


Steps LA2028 Needs to Take to Pass Crucial City Council Vote. 

"Now that L.A.’s bid committee has negotiated terms with the International Olympic Committee to host to the 2028 Games — a deal trumpeted in a splashy event Monday at StubHub Center in Carson, one of the planned competition venues — officials must repeat the process and approve a similar financial guarantee to seal the bid."



WADA Insists Russia Must Accept Findings of Doping Report.

 "In a new road map, WADA has made acceptance of the [McLaren] report by the ministry and Russian Olympic Committee a key point as Russia tries to have its national drug-testing agency, known as RUSADA, reinstated." via Bloomberg. 


WADA Publishes "Roadmap to Code Compliance" Document

"WADA published the Roadmap to Code Compliance, which "outlines the reinstatement criteria that the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) must fulfill before WADA’s independent Compliance Review Committee (CRC) would recommend, to WADA’s Foundation Board, that they be declared compliant again with the World Anti-Doping Code (Code)." - via WADA. 



IWGA President Calls Wroclaw 2017 the Best World Games Ever.

"After the International Olympic Committee pledged to work close with us in their Olympic Agenda 2020, I think this was fantastic...I am very, very happy with how the Games have gone and I think Wrocław 2017 is the best World Games in our history."


Move over, Shark Week. Olympic Channel & Discovery Team Up.

“We’re trying to make the Olympic brand something that lives year round, we’re trying to take it to a younger audience and we’re trying to do that through entertaining and challenging content across long-form and short-form” 

“We need to amplify the best content and no matter who produces it, we want people to see that content." via Around the Rings.



Watch the Entire LA2028 Announcement VIDEO




- Local support pours in for #LA2028. 

- Netflix's "Icarus" Looks at Russian Doping Machine. Premieres August 4, 2017.

- Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti and Casey Wasserman Dive Into Details with Bill Simmons. 

- Simone Manuel backs up Olympic win with World Championship win. 

- Alley-Oop from EA Sports and WBNA. 

- The Daily Show's Trevor Noah has some LA2028 predictions. 

- This is the wrong kind of record to break...

- Don't tell blind athlete Erik Weinhenmayer that there's something he can't do...

- USA's largest Parkour retreat comes to Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Anita DeFrantz is considered a contender to return to the IOC vice-presidency. 

- You're never too old to dive back into the deep end, just ask Olympian Laura Wilkinson

- Hooray for Hollywood. Check out L.A. 2028's fun video "This Is Our L.A." 



"Thrilled to see the 2028 Olympics coming to Los Angeles. Thanks to @MayorOfLA Garcetti who worked hard to secure a big win for US athletics" - @JoeBiden

"Good news with LA declaration of candidature for 2028 Olympics: great candidature turned into an even greater win-win-win for all. Well done" - GAISF President Patrick Baumann @GAISF_President

"We're learning how to free-dive & we're doing a lot of parkour" - Sigourney Weaver to @MTV

"The comeback is always stronger than the setback" - Paralympian @TatyanaMcFadden

"In L.A. we speak over 200 languages. That means for #LA2028 we will know over 200 ways to say 'welcome'" - LA City Councilmember @HerbJWesson

"Too early to post a room on AirBnB for L.A. 2028?" - journalist @SaulKCRW

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