The USA Sports Council Newsletter June 2017

Welcome to our Inaugural USASC Newsletter.

We will regularly highlight important and relevant information on the Olympics and sports movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at Tokyo 2020, NOCs, LA2024 and a roundup of some of the latest sports news from June. 


The USA Sports Council statement on Paris Agreement. 


"The United States has always been a leader among the progressive countries in the world and, unfortunately for all, today has marked a step back in this direction, however, a majority in this country believe this is a temporary setback. Years and years of hard work among peoples of all cultures, all continents have agreed that this Paris Accord is for the benefit of humankind, and it has nothing to do with politics of any kind. We only have one world to live in and our leaders are responsible for what we do with it and on it."

- USA Sports Council President/CEO, Alfredo La Mont


A Final Who's In and Who's Out for Tokyo 2020. 

“The fascinating new events that we approved today, together with the five new sports that were added to the Tokyo 2020 programme last year, represent a step-change in the Olympic programme. I am delighted that the Olympic Games in Tokyo will be more youthful, more urban and will include more women.” 


L.A. has the perfect chance to push back against IOC. 

The Guardian's Jules Boykoff makes a case that it's time to think big. "The Olympics come with serious baggage, whether it's blanket surveillance, public debt, or aggressive marginalization of the already marginalized. LA bidders have a rare chance to push back." 



1 in 7 NOCs have formal ties to National Governments.

"According to the Olympic Charter, every National Olympic Committee must be free from government interference. A new survey from Play the Game shows that at least one in seven NOCs have leaders with formal ties to their national governments." via Play the Game. 



U.S. Olympic Museum Breaks Ground in Colorado.

"After years of planning, today is the day the highly anticipated U.S. Olympic Museum begins to come to life."



"The Davis Cup About to Change its Format and Spirit."

"Last Monday evening, many hardcore tennis fans were already << mourning >> the Davis Cup, or its spirit, on social media. By approving a series of reforms for Davis Cup but also for Fed Cup (both by BNP Paribas), that have been recommended by the Davis Cup and Fed Cup Committees, the ITF Board of Directors was at the center of many bitter comments." by Yannick Cohennec, Sport Intern



Los Angeles hosts US Paralympics Track & Field Nationals at UCLA.

- Climber Alex Honnold defies gravity in rope-free climb in Yosemite. VIDEO 

- Surfing innovator and wetsuit manufacturing pioneer Jack O'Neill passed away.

- Putin likens whistleblowing on doping to Stalin's purges.

- Kaepernick's American Football jersey donated to the NMAAHC. 



In the coming weeks we should all have a lot more news about the LA2024/Paris2024 Bid Saga. Also, keep your eyes open for news about the bid city process. 

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