The USA Sports Council Newsletter 08

Oct 09, 2017
Newsletter 08


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on sports and the Olympic movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at WADA's Prohibited Substances List, the college basketball scandal and a roundup of news from our member sports, plus some of the latest sports news from September & early October. 

This Week...

- Op-Ed on WADA's Prohibited Substances List
- Athletes Work Together for Las Vegas Victims
- Transformation 2022 Strategy by CGF
- The Dark Underbelly of College Basketball
- Study on Women's Sports Coverage
- Rodenchenkov Defies Russia Doping Machine

and more.


On WADA's Decision to Drop Alcohol from its Annual Prohibited Substances List and an Open Question. 

There was really no reason for alarm when we learned that WADA had dropped alcohol from the annual updated list of substances which it will test for.

Per WADA: (it has now been determined that) “as alcohol can be tested easily using breathalyzers, it does not necessarily need a WADA laboratory.” 

It further added that: “This change means that sports will have the flexibility to control alcohol, including setting a zero-tolerance policy; i.e. they will be able to regulate alcohol outside of WADA anti-doping rules and regulations.”

WADA’s October 1st release notes some significant changes to its list including the substances that have been dropped in such as “cannabidiol”, a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits (WADA).

WADA’s Executive Committee approved the changes three months before they take effect on January 1, 2018. To date, alcohol has been banned in four sports: air, automobile, archery and power boating and cannabidiol was removed from the prohibited list - unless it contains THC - the psychoactive component of marijuana.

Meldonium, a heart medication that led to the banning of a number of athletes including tennis star Maria Sharapova when it was added to the list, remains for 2018. WADA admitted after it was added that more research was required to ascertain how long the substance should remain in the human body

The substance bemitil has been added to the WADA monitoring list in and out of competition, while the opioid pain killer hydrocodone will be monitored in competition.

Mitragynine and telmisartan were removed from the monitoring list but caffeine, nicotine, tramadol, glucocorticoids, and beta-2-agonists continue to be assessed.

At the end, the list continues to be accessible to everyone, and in case of doubts, WADA has 24/7 support available by calling the ADAMS Helpdesk:

North America: 1 866 922 3267
International: +1 514 904 8800

One remaining question: as WADA has become very efficient in the fight against doping, when will we see a similar organization leading a fight against abuse of all kinds - from physical abuse by coaches to sexual abuse of minors, and beyond - in sports?

- Alfredo La Mont, CEO, The USA Sports Council




WADA Releases List of Prohibited Substances & Methods. 

The World Anti-Doping Agency has compiled and released a list of all substances & methods that are prohibited at all times, in and out of competition. According to WADA, the list will go into effect on January 1, 2018. 


Athletes Work Together to Help Las Vegas Victims.

"We wanted to help out in any way we can. People are going to be struggling for a long time -- just as they are after the hurricanes. You see this country coming together. Whatever we can to get people to support, we're ready to do." via ESPN


A Human Rights Commitment by CGF.

The Commonwealth Games Federation published their Transformation 2022 Strategy this week. According to a statement from the CGF: Transformation 2022 seeks to articulate our values to our partners and stakeholders. Good Governance is one of four strategic priorities, and to meet this priority CGF has pledged: “To implement decisions and activities which adhere to universal principles of good governance. This is underpinned by a strong commitment to, and respect for human rights, environment and sustainability, health, safety and wellbeing, as well as accessibility and inclusivity”. 


The "Dark Underbelly of College Basketball". 

From the New York Times: "The complaints depict a thriving black market for teenage athletes, one in which coaches, agents, financial advisers and shoe company employees trade on the trust of players and exploit their inability to be openly compensated because of N.C.A.A. amateurism rules."



Study Finds TV Networks Cover Women's Sports Less.  

Excelle Sports reports: "At a time when female participation in sports is growing, the study found that broadcast networks are devoting more coverage to men’s sports even during their offseason compared to women’s sports that are in season." 



Rodchenkov Urges Action on Russian Doping. 

"Grigory Rodchenkov has urged sports authorities not to "sweep Russia’s transgressions under the rug" and called for strong sanctions for the doping regime he helped engineer.

Rodchenkov claimed that he left Russia two days after a "friend within the Government" warned him that his "suicide" was being planned." via Inside The Games



IOC Executive Board Reaches Decision on Carlos Nuzman.  

In early October, Carlos Nuzman, IOC Member and Rio 2016 Chief, was arrested by Brazilian Law Enforcement for his role in an ongoing Rio bribery scandal. The IOC weighed in with their decision regarding the fate of Mr. Nuzman as an IOC member.





- Athletes campaign for Puerto Rico relief

- Protests in sports aren't new at all

Lynx beat the Sparks to win 4th WNBA Championship

- ICYMI: Paris2024 and LA2028 get Olympics & Paralympics. Officially

- Ellen and Julia Roberts team up to #PassTheBall for Women's Sports. 

Making the world a better place, one sport at a time. 

A New Era of Youth Sports to be highlighted at the LA84 Foundation Summit. 

- How the USOC worked to bring the Games back to the U.S.

- Sports Illustrated Releases "Fittest 50" List

Emma Stone stars as Billie Jean King in "Battle of the Sexes" film.

Presidents Cup gets a visit from former Presidents.

- Despite sexism, Beth Mowins makes history.  

International Day of University Sport observed around the world. 

- A look at upcoming International Cheer Union Events

USJJF prepares for 25th TAFISA World Congress. 

USA Parkour Cup coming to DC in January, 2018.

19 officials from 11 countries assigned to 2017 IMMAF World Championships

- 60th Anniversary of US National Baton Twirling Championships in July, 2018.

WSF, through Africa Skate Project, continues to be main sponsor of FGL.  

- Netball for a cause. Netball vs. Cancer tournament coming to Brooklyn. 

- A moment to learn, a lifetime to master. The history of bocce. 

- US ProMiniGolf Masters coming Oct 11-14, 2017. 

- Sambo to participate in 2017 Pan-Caribbean International Martial Arts Games

WADA lifts suspension of UCLA testing lab. 




"Thinking of the victims and their loves ones in Las Vegas. We are grieving with you."  -@SloaneStephens

"Love the support and message. Thank you. #passtheball" - Former member of USWNT@JulieFoudy 

"Without Billie Jean King I don't know if any of us female athletes would be here." -@serenawilliams

"Day is made when you are named #top50 fittest females from @SInow...thank you!!!!! #honored #37" - Paralympian @TatyanaMcFadden 

"Another great battle, @LA_Sparks" - 2017 WNBA Champions @minnesotalynx

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