The USA Sports Council Newsletter 12

March 15, 2018
Newsletter 12


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on sports and the Olympic movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. It's been a whirlwind last few weeks of winter. Here's a roundup of some of the biggest stories in the world of sports, governing bodies, investigations and the Olympic movement.

This Week...

- CU Releases NGB Evaluation
- Blackmun Out at the USOC
- IAAF Challenges RUS
- Congress Expands SafeSport Probe
- 25 Gender Equality Recommendations

and more.



CU Sports Governance Center Releases NGB Evaluation.

The detailed evaluation consists of 36 indicators, across 4 dimensions and represent rankings for 22 of the 47 U.S. summer and winter Olympic federations. According to CU's Sports Governance Center, "This project is a high-level evaluation of NGB governance based on publicly available information for use by athletes, the media, the general public, sports organizations (including the NGBs and USOC) and others interested in an entry point to better understanding governance of US Olympic sports bodies."



USOC Chief Blackmun Resigns.

News broke on Thursday, March 1st, that Scott Blackmun, Executive Chief of the United States Olympic Committee was resigning from his position. Speculation on his decision touched on Blackmun's recent health problems and focused on his role in a botched reaction to the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal that affected over 150 athletes who were victimized over several years, including members of USA Gymnastics and gold-medal winning members of Team USA. 


IAAF Plays Hardball With Russia

The IAAF Council "has agreed that if progress is not made, further measures should be discussed at the July Council meeting as a means of prompting greater efforts in Russia, including withdrawing permission for Russian athletes to compete as neutral athletes, and ultimately taking the steps necessary to recommend" that RusAF be expelled from IAAF membership.


Congress Expands SafeSport Probe.

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee has sent requests for info to the USOC and 48 NGBs, expanding Congressional investigations into the sexual abuse of athletes in organized sports. This is in addition to a request sent last month by another committee in the Senate.


IOC Gender Equality Review Contains 25 Recommendations. 

The IOC has presented the Gender Equality Review Project, a joint initiative of the IOC Women in Sport and Athletes' Commissions. The document presents 25 IOC Gender Equality Recommendations on topics and subjects including: Competition Formats and Technical, Safeguarding athletes from harassment and abuse in sport, Balanced media portrayal of both genders, Equal Payments, NOC and IF Electoral Processes and others.



3,149 Tests Conducted as Part of Pyeonchang Anti-Doping Effort.

"The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), in collaboration with the PyeongChang 2018 Organising Committee (POCOG), oversaw the doping controls and results management during the Olympic Winter Games, on behalf of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to ensure an independent overview of the anti-doping programme.

In total, 3,149 anti-doping tests were conducted during PyeongChang 2018, making it the most robust anti-doping programme in the history of the Olympic Winter Games. Of these tests, 1,393 were in competition, and 1,756 were out of competition." - via Around the Rings




- USASC Position on Prevention and Reporting.

Cheerleading makes a splash at Pyeongchang as ambassadors to the sport.

IMMAF files lawsuit against WADA. 

- Video Highlights from the 2018 USA Parkour Cup.  

- USA Netball Association announces new VP of Technical Operations

- US Twirling Association reveals 2018 World Baton Championships Teaser.

- The Spring Edition of "U.S. Ju-Jitsu Journal" is out. 

-  WSF holds Executive Board meeting. 

- USBF announces details for 2018 U.S. Bocce Championships.   

USPMGA offers recommendations for US Open 2018 attendees. 

- USASC grants USPSF provisional recognition

- IPF and FIG sign Memorandum of Understanding.

- USASC Observes International Women's Day

- Women Skateboarders are changing the sport

Naomi Watts teaches Jimmy Kimmel about the sport of netball. 

- Baton Twirling is a "pretty badass sport".

- Olympic Channel video features USA Cheer team. 

U.S. Women's Hockey Team inspires next generation of athletes. 

- US Tennis Association to honor Althea Gibson with statue. 

- Icarus Wins Best Documentary at 2018 Academy Awards.  

- OAR who wore "I don't do doping" shirt caught doping in Pyeongchang. 




"WSF celebrates international women's day and we hope with our support of women's Sk8 in the Olympics that others will embrace and help cultivate more women's programs in skateboarding. It's about time skateboarding moves forward on this subject" -@WSk8Federation

"Hey Frances let's go snowboarding sometime!" - Olympic snowboarder @chloekimsnowafter actor Frances McDormand gave her a shout out during the Academy Awards. 

"I was recently asked in an interview what its like to be a gay athlete in sports. I said that it’s exactly like being a straight athlete. Lots of hard work but usually done with better eye brows." - Team USA Skater, @Adaripp

"Not too many NBA players can say they’ve won a NBA title and an Oscar. Congrats@kobebryant." - @jamellehill

"Make no mistake about it fool! I’ll be watching, cheering, hollering, supporting, and showing much love for the Paralympics and I hope you will join me! #Paralympics#IPityTheFoolwhodontwatchtheParalympics" - @MrT 



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The USA Sports Council Newsletter 11

Jan 24, 2017
Newsletter 11


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on sports and the Olympic movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at a roundup of news from the beginning of 2018.  

This Week...

- USASC Statement on Combatting Athlete Abuse
- USA Sports Council Elections
- European Commission Ruling on ISU
- George Killian Passes Away
- North and South Korea Breakthrough
- Larry Nassar Sentenced
- WADA's 2018 List of Prohibited Substances

and more.

The USA Sports Council Statement on Responsibility
to Actively Combat Abuse of Athletes.

The USA Sports Council has requested that all its members discuss the different activities and regulations in place to address issues of abuse of athletes, at all levels including minors, juniors and seniors.

The USASC membership believes in proactive approaches to combat any type of activity that harms, or puts in the way of harm, an athlete in any way, physical and psychological, and the organization, along with its members, is actively working on these matters. The USA Sports Council is currently reviewing successful strategies with a view to formulating a cutting edge, successful and enforceable policy.

"We do not believe the correct way is to wait to hear or learn, but in educating and establishing firm directives and protocols to follow for reporting any activity that raises the most basic suspicion." USA Sports Council President and CEO Alfredo La Mont stated on Monday. 

Administrators, coaches, medical staff, trainers, judges, entourage at all levels have the responsibility, moral, ethical, and legal, to do everything in their power to remain vigilant at all times.




USA Sports Council Elections, New Member Sport Welcomed.

The USA Sports Council held its annual General Assembly by conference call on December 18, 2017 and held elections for various positions throughout the organization which included re-election of Alfredo La Mont as President/CEO, Frank Babcock of the United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation as Vice President, Danny Passaglia of the United States Bocce Federation as Vice President, Sandi Wiemers of the United States Twirling Association as Treasurer, and Carole Hokrein of the United States Netball Association as Secretary-General.

The sports nonprofit also received and approved an application for membership by the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation, under the direction of Bruce Bethers. Ju-Jitsu joins aikido, cheerleadingnetballbocceMMAsambotwirlingskateboardingparkour and pro minigolf as a USASC member sport.


George Killian Remembered for a Career as Global Sports Leader.

It is with great sadness that we learned that Ex-IOC Member and FISU Chief George Killian passed away recently. From Around the Rings: “George Killian dedicated the better part of his adult life to the Olympic Movement and the ideals it seeks to advance. We’re grateful for the legacy of service that he leaves behind and mindful or our role in continuing his work on behalf of athletes everywhere,” says USOC CEO Scott Blackmun." 


Landmark European Commission Ruling on ISU.

"The ruling is considered the most significant legal case in European sport since the 1995 ruling in favour of Belgian footballer Jean-Marc Bosman which secured free movement of players within the EU." via Inside The Games


Athletes Bravely Confront Nassar During Sentencing Hearing.

Before Judge Janet T. Neff sentenced Former US Olympic and USA Gymnastics women's national team physician Dr. Larry Nassar to prison in a wide-reaching child pornography and sexual abuse case, over 100 victims spoke out during his sentencing. Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison


N. Korea to Send Delegation to S. Korea in Breakthrough. 

"Two Koreas propose marching as one at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, as well as combining for a joint women’s hockey team. However, all decisions taken related directly to the Olympics must be confirmed by the IOC." via Around the Rings



New Year, New Rules: WADA's List of Prohibited Substances.

"For a substance or method to be added to the List, it must be determined that it meets two of the following three criteria: 1. it has the potential to enhance or enhances sport performance; 2. it represents an actual or potential health risk to the athletes; or, 3. it violates the spirit of sport."



- USA Sports Council Celebrates MLK Jr.'s Legacy.

- Delegate passes available now for SportAccord Convention in Bangkok.

- Schedule and Details for the 2018 USA Parkour Cup on Jan. 27-28, 2018.  

- Details and rules for 2018 ICU World Cheerleading Championships, April 25-27.

- All-new "Catch It!" Newsletter from the US Twirling Association. 

UMMAF 2018 Nationals to be held Feb. 1-3, 2018. 

- Registration open for USA Ju-Jitsu Spring Camp, sanctioned by USJJF.

-  Rules and regulations for Junior Florida Netball Classic, March 31-April 1. 

WSF Schedules 1st Oversight Committee for 1/26/18. 

- Learn the Rules of Bocce.  

- USPMGA announces Team USA to compete at WAGM in Czech Republic. 

- A Story of Hope and Sport on the Reservation

- "On the Ice - Off the Streets", RIP Al Dorrington.

- Olympian Simone Biles shares her #MeToo story.

- Cycling and anti-doping documentary "Icarus" nominated for Academy Award

Facebook "likes" E-Sports. 

- Unexpected Beauty, Unplanned Synchronicity in Basketball. 

- Russian Doping Whistleblower Rodchenkov will testify


"I support you @MagsGotSwag12 proud of you for sharing your story. I stand with you. I know this is not easy but I know you are incredibly strong. We will get through this together!" - Olympic Gymnast @Aly_Raisman to fellow teammate Maggie Nichols on speaking out against sexual abuse. 

"Feelings...#MeToo" - Olympian @Simone_Biles adds her voice to the conversation.

"The power of #sport bringing nations together. @Olympics @pyeongchang2018 and#WinterInternationalFederations at the core of this achievement, for the good of all athletes." - GAISF_President Patrick Baumann on news that N. Korea will send delegation to S. Korea Winter Games.

"When Jordan Greenway (@JGreenway12) takes the ice next month in South Korea, he will be the first African American to represent Team USA in hockey at the Winter Olympics, breaking a 98-year old color barrier." - ESPN Editor @InstantRHIplay

"What?? This is beyond the realm of imagination. It means so much that the@TheAcademy deemed #DearBasketball worthy of contention. Thanks to the genius of@GlenKeanePrd & John Williams for taking my poem to this level. It's an honor to be on this team. #OscarNoms" - @kobebryant on Oscar nomination. 

"It's the first Olympic year in which figure skaters can use music w/ lyrics in their programs. A man at the US Trials just skated to Lil Jon" - reporter @germanotes referring to Jimmy Ma during US Trials.


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The USA Sports Council Newsletter 10

Nov 20, 2017
Newsletter 10


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on sports and the Olympic movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at a roundup of news from our member sports, and sports news from late October to mid November. 

This Week...

- Russia "Non-Compliant" Ahead of Pyeongchang
- Smaller World Beach Games
- ECJ Rules Bridge is Not a Sport
- Communique of the Olympic Summit
- Inside the FIFA Trial

and more.



Russia Remains "Non-Compliant" with the WADA Code.  

"The decision is likely to add more pressure on the IOC to ban Russian athletes from the 2018 Winter Games, which are being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea." 


Inaugural World Beach Games Will Be Smaller Than Planned. 

"Only around 2,000 athletes from a limited number of countries are now set to feature at a slimmed down inaugural edition of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) World Beach Games in San Diego in 2019."


European Justice Court Rules That Bridge is Not a Sport.

"The court concludes that an activity such as duplicate bridge, which is characterised by a physical element that appears to be negligible, is not covered by the concept of sport," a statement said. 


Details from the Communique of the Olympic Summit. 

Leading representatives of the Olympic Movement met in Lausanne, Switzerland during the Olympic Summit and discussed crucial topics including:

- PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games

- Protection of Clean Athletes

- Targeted Pre-Games Testing

- Schmid/Oswald Commissions

- Founding of the Independent Testing Authority (ITA)

- Development of eGames/eSports

- Athletes' representation 


FIG to Introduce AI Tech to Assist with Tokyo2020 Scoring? 

"The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) is planning to introduce the AI technology to assist with scoring at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (as long as the IOC partner’s for timekeeping and results approves, the plan is good to go). Japanese IT giant Fujitsu, which is developing the 3D sensory system, says the product will help make scoring easier, assist coaches and athletes in training, and offer broadcast viewers in-depth, unparalleled coverage that already has Japanese pundits gushing." via the Guardian.



FIFA Trial: A Mob Affair.

From Play the Game: "For years, reporters have been fond of saying 'FIFA mafia', 'Mobsters of Football'. It has made for good copy, sold lots of media space – but what words do we use now that there really is a trial that focuses on the widespread criminal activity inside FIFA?" 



French Charge IOC Member Fredericks in Rio Probe. 

The AP Reports that "Fredericks, a four-time Olympic medalist, has said he is innocent. The Namibian sprinter is suspected of receiving a $299,300 payment on the same day that Rio was awarded the 2016 Games."




Toolkit to Safeguard Athletes from Harassment & Abuse unveiled at ANOC GA.

IF Forum 2017 convenes in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Aly Raisman calls for major changes within USA Gymnastics. 

Shalene Flanagan finishes NYC Marathon in 2hrs, 26min, 53sec. 

- Catch up with the latest US Bocce Federation Western Sector Newsletter

- ICU hosts 1st ever Pan-American Cheerleading Championship in Colombia. 

Updates on the IPF-sanctioned 2018 USA Parkour Cup in Tampa, Florida. 

USJJF's 6th Annual Martial Arts Expo at UNM. 

- Learn more about the World Skate Federation.  
- Recap of all the action at the 2017 IMMAF World Championships.

Florida Netball Classics expected to have at least 20 teams competing.

US Twirling Association's "Catch It!" features latest news in baton twirling.

- A look at this year's Pan Caribbean International Martial Arts Games.  

- Details on the 2018 World Adventure Golf Masters in the Czech Republic.

170 women skateboarders to participate in Exposure 2017 in Encinitas, California. 

No Russian Anthem at #Pyeongchang2018? 

- The Shredders of the Sturdy Dirty Enduro-Series. 

Why Democracy Matters in movement and sports cultures.  

World Sailing breaks into Esports. Will other federations follow?

Countdown to Pyeongchang begins with less than 100 days left. 

- Best moments from the LA84 Foundation's Annual Summit

- An athlete's advice to his daughters



"Congratulations to @HofstraCheer and @HUDanceTeam for bringing home two GOLD medals from the first ever Pan American Cheerleading Championship this weekend!" -@usacheer

"We are all in this together. If we are going to create change I need all your help." - Olympian @Aly_Raisman

"Go the extra mile, it's never crowded." - @SloaneStephens 


"It really happened!!!! Pure Joy." - Runner @ShalaneFlanagan

"WHAT WHAT WHAT MY FIRST LOVE" - Paralympian @laceysyourfriend on article about ParaCheer.

"A bet's a bet, @SylvesterTurner, so get ready for great tacos from @kogibbq and great local beers (plural) from LA brewers." - LA Mayor @ericgarcetti after the Dodgers loss to the Astros in the 2017 World Series. 

"Thanks Mayor. Can't wait to taste the bbq and drink the beer." - Houston Mayor@SylvesterTurner replying. 


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The USA Sports Council Newsletter 09

Oct 25, 2017
Newsletter 09


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on sports and the Olympic movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at lot of anti-doping news including the latest on WADA and a call for action on the McLaren Report plus a roundup of news from our member sports, and sports news from the month of October. 

This Week...

- WADA's 2016 Testing Figures Report
- Frustration on McLaren Inaction
- A Call for Russian Sanctions
- USMNT Fail to Qualify for World Cup
- Iditarod Sled Dog Doping Scandal

and more.




BREAKING: WADA Publishes 2016 Testing Figures Report. 

"The 2016 Report summarizes the results of all the samples WADA-accredited laboratories analyzed and reported into WADA's Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) in 2016..."


Blackmun Upset at Lack of Action on McLaren Report.

USOC Chief Scott Blackmun said it was "beyond frustrating" that no action has been taken on the McLaren Report on doping at the Sochi Games. 


IOC's Smith Calls for Russian Sanctions before Pyeongchang. 

From Inside The Games: "Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) President Tricia Smith has called for immediate "provisional measures, including suspensions" to be taken against Russia before Pyeongchang 2018 regardless of whether the two ongoing International Olympic Committee (IOC) investigations into evidence of doping at the previous edition in Sochi are completed."


USMNT Fails to Qualify for World Cup. 

Excelle Sports reports that despite USMNT historic loss, they are still paid more than USWNT: "In Tuesday night’s World Cup qualifying match against Trinidad and Tobago, the U.S. men’s national team (USMNT) lost 2-1, and as a result, failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup..." 



Iditarod Doping Scandal Raises More Questions.  

"Who slipped Tramadol to the dogs?" asks the New York Times as a doping scandal has hit the famed Iditarod dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Four dogs on champion musher Dallas Seavey's team tested positive for high levels of an opioid pain reliever. Seavey denies any involvement.



Doc Details Physician Xue Yinxian's Role in China Doping

'The physician’s report is as clear as it is explosive. “In the 1980s and 90s, Chinese athletes on the national teams made extensive use of doping substances. Medals were showered in doping. Gold, silver and bronze. All international medals should be withdrawn”'




- Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney shares her #MeToo story. 

- WSF holds 38th Annual Salute to Women in Sports Gala.  

All Sports Are Not Created Equal Op-Ed from LA84 Foundation. 

First Sentencing in FIFA Scandal in USA.

- First African American woman to serve on IOC has Q&A on "My Olympic Life

- The volleyball play of the year that even got Kerri Walsh's attention.  

- Colorado Springs City Council not yet sold on Olympic Museum plans.

- WFPF on Youth Sports and the Parkour/Freerunning Lifestyle. 

- Details on the USJJF's 2018 National Championships

- International Cheer Union events include Pan-American Cheerleading Championships.

- A preview of the upcoming IMMAF World Championships.  

US Twirling raises money to help Puerto Rico twirling families.
World Skateboarding Federation hints at upcoming events. 

Bocce continues to grow in popularity, rises as SO sport. 

- USA Sports Council covers USC panel on Skateboarding & Diplomacy.

#Skatetofight is taking a stand against sexual assault. 




"Day. Made. Life. Made." - High school volleyball player @Apfinney when @Kerrileewalshsaw her amazing play.

"Fun Fact from #WSFAnnualSalute: 94% of female leaders played sports as a girl." -@bonniestjohn

"Sick to my stomach. Ahhhh. When so much momentum in this country for soccer. But just not good enough." - @JulieFoudy on USMNT missing World Cup. 

"A simple invitation to play. That's all it takes to change a life." - @DrDebAntoine via@SportsEmpower.

"Making a #WorldSeries wager w/ Houston Mayor @SylvesterTurner. Can't wait to enjoy some @killensbbq ribs & @SaintArnold's when @Dodgers win!" - @MayorOfLA Eric Garcetti.


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The USA Sports Council Newsletter 08

Oct 09, 2017
Newsletter 08


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on sports and the Olympic movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at WADA's Prohibited Substances List, the college basketball scandal and a roundup of news from our member sports, plus some of the latest sports news from September & early October. 

This Week...

- Op-Ed on WADA's Prohibited Substances List
- Athletes Work Together for Las Vegas Victims
- Transformation 2022 Strategy by CGF
- The Dark Underbelly of College Basketball
- Study on Women's Sports Coverage
- Rodenchenkov Defies Russia Doping Machine

and more.


On WADA's Decision to Drop Alcohol from its Annual Prohibited Substances List and an Open Question. 

There was really no reason for alarm when we learned that WADA had dropped alcohol from the annual updated list of substances which it will test for.

Per WADA: (it has now been determined that) “as alcohol can be tested easily using breathalyzers, it does not necessarily need a WADA laboratory.” 

It further added that: “This change means that sports will have the flexibility to control alcohol, including setting a zero-tolerance policy; i.e. they will be able to regulate alcohol outside of WADA anti-doping rules and regulations.”

WADA’s October 1st release notes some significant changes to its list including the substances that have been dropped in such as “cannabidiol”, a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits (WADA).

WADA’s Executive Committee approved the changes three months before they take effect on January 1, 2018. To date, alcohol has been banned in four sports: air, automobile, archery and power boating and cannabidiol was removed from the prohibited list - unless it contains THC - the psychoactive component of marijuana.

Meldonium, a heart medication that led to the banning of a number of athletes including tennis star Maria Sharapova when it was added to the list, remains for 2018. WADA admitted after it was added that more research was required to ascertain how long the substance should remain in the human body

The substance bemitil has been added to the WADA monitoring list in and out of competition, while the opioid pain killer hydrocodone will be monitored in competition.

Mitragynine and telmisartan were removed from the monitoring list but caffeine, nicotine, tramadol, glucocorticoids, and beta-2-agonists continue to be assessed.

At the end, the list continues to be accessible to everyone, and in case of doubts, WADA has 24/7 support available by calling the ADAMS Helpdesk:

North America: 1 866 922 3267
International: +1 514 904 8800

One remaining question: as WADA has become very efficient in the fight against doping, when will we see a similar organization leading a fight against abuse of all kinds - from physical abuse by coaches to sexual abuse of minors, and beyond - in sports?

- Alfredo La Mont, CEO, The USA Sports Council




WADA Releases List of Prohibited Substances & Methods. 

The World Anti-Doping Agency has compiled and released a list of all substances & methods that are prohibited at all times, in and out of competition. According to WADA, the list will go into effect on January 1, 2018. 


Athletes Work Together to Help Las Vegas Victims.

"We wanted to help out in any way we can. People are going to be struggling for a long time -- just as they are after the hurricanes. You see this country coming together. Whatever we can to get people to support, we're ready to do." via ESPN


A Human Rights Commitment by CGF.

The Commonwealth Games Federation published their Transformation 2022 Strategy this week. According to a statement from the CGF: Transformation 2022 seeks to articulate our values to our partners and stakeholders. Good Governance is one of four strategic priorities, and to meet this priority CGF has pledged: “To implement decisions and activities which adhere to universal principles of good governance. This is underpinned by a strong commitment to, and respect for human rights, environment and sustainability, health, safety and wellbeing, as well as accessibility and inclusivity”. 


The "Dark Underbelly of College Basketball". 

From the New York Times: "The complaints depict a thriving black market for teenage athletes, one in which coaches, agents, financial advisers and shoe company employees trade on the trust of players and exploit their inability to be openly compensated because of N.C.A.A. amateurism rules."



Study Finds TV Networks Cover Women's Sports Less.  

Excelle Sports reports: "At a time when female participation in sports is growing, the study found that broadcast networks are devoting more coverage to men’s sports even during their offseason compared to women’s sports that are in season." 



Rodchenkov Urges Action on Russian Doping. 

"Grigory Rodchenkov has urged sports authorities not to "sweep Russia’s transgressions under the rug" and called for strong sanctions for the doping regime he helped engineer.

Rodchenkov claimed that he left Russia two days after a "friend within the Government" warned him that his "suicide" was being planned." via Inside The Games



IOC Executive Board Reaches Decision on Carlos Nuzman.  

In early October, Carlos Nuzman, IOC Member and Rio 2016 Chief, was arrested by Brazilian Law Enforcement for his role in an ongoing Rio bribery scandal. The IOC weighed in with their decision regarding the fate of Mr. Nuzman as an IOC member.





- Athletes campaign for Puerto Rico relief

- Protests in sports aren't new at all

Lynx beat the Sparks to win 4th WNBA Championship

- ICYMI: Paris2024 and LA2028 get Olympics & Paralympics. Officially

- Ellen and Julia Roberts team up to #PassTheBall for Women's Sports. 

Making the world a better place, one sport at a time. 

A New Era of Youth Sports to be highlighted at the LA84 Foundation Summit. 

- How the USOC worked to bring the Games back to the U.S.

- Sports Illustrated Releases "Fittest 50" List

Emma Stone stars as Billie Jean King in "Battle of the Sexes" film.

Presidents Cup gets a visit from former Presidents.

- Despite sexism, Beth Mowins makes history.  

International Day of University Sport observed around the world. 

- A look at upcoming International Cheer Union Events

USJJF prepares for 25th TAFISA World Congress. 

USA Parkour Cup coming to DC in January, 2018.

19 officials from 11 countries assigned to 2017 IMMAF World Championships

- 60th Anniversary of US National Baton Twirling Championships in July, 2018.

WSF, through Africa Skate Project, continues to be main sponsor of FGL.  

- Netball for a cause. Netball vs. Cancer tournament coming to Brooklyn. 

- A moment to learn, a lifetime to master. The history of bocce. 

- US ProMiniGolf Masters coming Oct 11-14, 2017. 

- Sambo to participate in 2017 Pan-Caribbean International Martial Arts Games

WADA lifts suspension of UCLA testing lab. 




"Thinking of the victims and their loves ones in Las Vegas. We are grieving with you."  -@SloaneStephens

"Love the support and message. Thank you. #passtheball" - Former member of USWNT@JulieFoudy 

"Without Billie Jean King I don't know if any of us female athletes would be here." -@serenawilliams

"Day is made when you are named #top50 fittest females from @SInow...thank you!!!!! #honored #37" - Paralympian @TatyanaMcFadden 

"Another great battle, @LA_Sparks" - 2017 WNBA Champions @minnesotalynx

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The USA Sports Council Newsletter 07

September 04, 2017
Newsletter 07


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on the Olympics and sports movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at the USA Sports Council's comments on recent statements by the IOC Sport Director, a not-so-shocking study on widespread doping, and a look ahead at the Lima IOC Session, plus a roundup of some of the latest sports news from late August and early September. 

This Week...

- USASC Comments on 2028 Program
- Study reveals widespread doping in athletics
- Sports world rallies for Harvey victims
- Lime 2017 Session countdown
- Bach talks e-sports

and more.

The USA Sports Council Comments on IOC Sport Director's Statements Regarding 2028 Program. 

The IOC sports director reveals “composition of program for 2028 Olympics will remain at same level as 2024” in an interview he gave to Max Winters (insidethegames 7/21, Wroclaw). In that interview, McConnell has warned that the composition of the sports program for the 2028 Olympic Games will remain at the same level as 2024 to avoid the host having to incur extra costs. But to most of the sports waiting in line to have an event or two included in the program of the Olympic Games, 2028 is too far out for strategic and funding efforts. Even though the IOC has the luxury of looking at a “long term vision” the sports not on the program do not have it.  


It is clear that the IOC is now confidently looking at adding sports events in a limited format that allow for showcasing sports that are popular and youth-oriented and include men and women but without increasing the number of athletes in any significant manner. To achieve this, the sports events that have been approved for 2020 and who do not have any assurances that they will become permanent part of the Olympic program, notably have to prove that they are indeed worthy of the most important sports event in the world, but they will also have to prove they are well organized and adhere to Olympic standards as per the IOC Charter and the Universal Principles. McConnell further states: “With the pace of change and innovation in these sports we need the flexibility in the Olympic program to also reflect that and we will see what sports develop and what the Games’ Organizing Committee’s may propose over this time. It is a matter of not increasing the overall size, cost and complexity, but allowing some room for innovation and flexibility. With 2024, it will be a very similar process as before, but we will make the decisions on the event program and athlete quotas earlier than we have in the past in December 2020.”  


So with a deadline set, what do the aspiring and existing events have to do to meet the criteria set by the IOC? Two roads are clear, even if neither is easy: the first one is an official and traditional one that follows the established route of incorporating an international federation (not necessarily a non-profit), bring on board a reasonable number of national federations, submit an application to GAISF/Sportaccord, hope there is no opposition, hope it gets processed quickly and submitted for approval at the GA, and then submit the application for recognition to the IOC. And then hope one of the events is selected. 


The second one is the non official short-track one where the IOC brings together a group of interested parties, usually more than one group claiming jurisdiction for the sport and, critical step, it also brings to the table an existing and recognized IF that has (from the IOC’s perspective) some similitude to the sport in question, or ambitions of its own to expand. Following strategic meetings at the end the IOC hands over the control of the sport to this recognized IF - as was the case with Skateboarding, handed out to FIRS, and more recently Parkour handed out to FIG. In neither case have any of the two IFs have had any previous experience or done any work with the corresponding new and popular sports. 


McConnell remains keen, however, to ensure that there would be some room for maneuver within the program for 2028 moving forward. There were five sports added to the program for Tokyo 2020 after they were awarded the Olympics in 2013. Karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing are due to make their Olympic debut in the Japanese capital, while baseball and softball will return to the program for the first time since Beijing 2008. "We want to keep the flexibility that we have shown with Tokyo 2020 and obviously in the event program and athlete quotas as we look forward to 2024 to be able to continue to adapt and to continue to reflect what will happen in the existing sports between now and 2028," McConnell said.  


"I think we will look at a similar cycle for the finalization of the event program for 2028, but we certainly won’t be looking to increase the overall size.” 


So, if you are an IF with expectations or hopes of reaching a place in the Olympic Program, albeit with no financial benefits expectations and no assurance that the event will remain from then on in the Olympic Games, these are now the two roads you can follow. Expect the visit of consummate consultants to guide and charge you through the process, whichever you chose. 


- Alfredo La Mont, CEO, The USA Sports Council




WADA-Funded Study Reveals Widespread Doping in Athletics. 

"Over 30 percent of athletes who competed at the 2011 world championships admitted to having used banned substances in the past, according to a World Anti-Doping Agency-commissioned study released...

The study, conducted by researchers from Germany’s University of Tuebingen and Harvard Medical School in 2011, found that more than 30 percent of world championship participants and over 45 percent of athletes at the 2011 Pan-Arab Games said they had taken banned drugs." via Reuters. 


Sports World Donates and Raises Millions for Victims of Harvey. 

From the LA Times: "Tropical Storm Harvey has brought tremendous devastation to Houston and surrounding areas, and members of the athletic community are donating large amounts of money to the relief efforts."


131st IOC Session in Lima Kicks off Soon.

Get caught up on the Official IOC Programme for the Executive Board Meeting in Lima this September 11th - 15th including the Candidate City Presentations and vote which is expected to officially bring the Games to Paris in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028. 



Bach Not Playing E-Games When it Comes to E-Sports.  

"For esports to become an Olympic sport it needs to have a recognized governing federation and a single set of rules, Bach says. Currently the lifespan of any video game is too short for it to become an Olympic sport, and the games would have to adhere to Olympic values.

'We want to promote non-discrimination, non-violence, and peace among people,” Bach said to the SCMP, an Alibaba-owned paper. “This doesn’t match with video games, which are about violence, explosions and killing. And there we have to draw a clear line.'" via Around the Rings.



Olympic Medalist Gracie Gold Taking Break from Figure Skating. 

"Jenny Kirk, a former world junior champion, puts part of the blame on coaches and fans, but most on the skating system itself, which updated its scoring agenda to reward technical moves, jumps and spins, that she said are 'a lot harder…when one’s body is more womanly.'

'Until this system is tweaked, I don’t see a change in the number of injuries and the pressure for skaters to stay an unusually small size.'" - via Washington Post.



WADA Publishes Parents' Guide to Support Clean Sport.  

"Specifically designed for parents of athletes, this education resource is intended to inform them about essential topics so that they can assist with clean athlete development by preventing the use of substances and methods prohibited in sport. The short booklet covers basic facts and includes links to websites with further information for parents..." via WADA. 





- IOC Member and Olympian Anita DeFrantz publishes "My Olympic Life".

IPC to analyze diversity, roll out 2020 program and elect new President this month. 

- 1968 Salute leaves lasting impact on social activism in Olympic Movement

- Nurse that was violently arrested in Utah is a two-time Olympian.

Kobe Bryant teams up with Star Wars composer John Williams for animated short.

From Pokémon Go to Esports: how video games can get kids active.  

- Venus Williams "super excited" to be a new aunt

- Team USA's Week in 16 Photos highlights US Open, other sports.

Martin Luther King Jr. understood importance of sports.

Jake Olson, USC long snapper who is blind, played for first time. 



"Thinking of everyone affected by hurricane Harvey and people in Houston area dealing with flooding. Stay safe." - USWNT player @CarliLloyd

"4:00 Serena Williams daughter is born. 
4:04 Serena Williams daughter ranked in top 100 for WTA." - journalist @owillis

"#LA84 President Emeritus and Olympic sporting pioneer Anita DeFrantz is the defintion of LA84's motto: Life Ready Through Sport." - @LA84Foundation

Never thought I'd be on stage w/ the great JOHN WILLIAMS @HollywoodBowl to perform the #DearBasketball animated short. Thank u LA #mindblown - Olympian @kobebryant

"When I think about my connection to #LA84 and now look forward to all of the excitement#LA2028 will bring I say #WOW! [love] the #volunteers!" - Olympian @greglouganis



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The USA Sports Council Newsletter 06

August 21, 2017
Newsletter 06


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on the Olympics and sports movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at LA2028, Shalene Flanagan's medal upgrade & the CAS decision on IAAF bans, plus a roundup of some of the latest sports news from August. 

This Week...

- 2028 Gets The L.A. Greenlight
- CAS Upholds IAAF Bans
- China Snubs "Little Olympics"
- Paris Considers E-Sports

and more.  



Los Angeles City Council Approves Plan for 2028 Olympics.

"The City Council voted 12-0 to endorse documents at the heart of its plan to stage the Summer Olympics for the third time since 1932. The contract outlines Los Angeles' financial responsibility in hosting the Games, although a budget for the proposed 2028 Games has not been completed."


CAS Upholds IAAF Life Bans for Trio.

Around The Rings reports: "The Court of Arbitration for Sport upholds the IAAF life bans for former Russian athletics chief Valentin Balakhnichev, coach Alexei Melnikov and former IAAF marketing consultant Papa Massata Diack." 


IOC Executive Board to Propose Nine New Members in Lima.

“These nine candidates offer various skillsets and come from backgrounds as diverse as sports, management, volunteering, engineering, business administration, commerce and tourism, the media and NGOs. All of them can bring skills and experience needed by the IOC, and aim to further strengthen the ranks of the Olympic Movement in the years to come."


China Snubs "Little Olympics" Opening Ceremonies in Taiwan. 

"Boycott of event held to mark start of World University Games highlights the increasingly strained relations between Beijing and Taipei. 

Protest groups also forced some buses taking athletes to the event to make a detour and later blocked an entrance to the stadium, causing a major delay in the athletes’ procession in the ceremony." via SCMP



Aly Raisman: USA Gymnastics Needs Sweeping Change.  

"The 23-year-old is calling for sweeping change in the organization in the wake of dozens of allegations of sexual abuse by former national team doctor Larry Nassar, a scandal that has left one of the U.S. Olympic movement's marquee programs scrambling and Raisman shaken." via ESPNW



Flanagan Upgraded to Silver Medal in 10k Meter from '08 Games. 

"As one of our country’s most decorated distance runners, we commend her for her success on the field of play, as well as her conduct off the field of play. She epitomizes the Olympic values with her integrity, sportsmanship and unwavering dedication to competitive excellence. On behalf of athletes like Shalane, the USOC is committed to working tirelessly with the global Olympic Movement to help reform international anti-doping efforts.” via Excelle Sports



Paris Considers E-Sports for 2024 Program.

ESPN reports: "The explosion in popularity of esports events, drawing large crowds of youngsters to arenas for tournaments, has already seen gaming embraced by the Asian Games. It will become a full sport by the 2022 edition, although details of which games will be contested are yet to be provided."




Moran Report on ticketing scandal to be sent to Ethics Commission at IOC. 

- USOC Announces Korean Youth Mentorship Program for 2018.  

- Russian support from National Paralympic Committees is sorely lacking

- WADA releases Athlete Committee Statement on Clean Sport.

- Pro Climber Sasha Digiulian reflects on Female First Ascents. 

- IOC President Bach encourages Taipei 2017 athletes.

- Voting for Women in Sports Foundation's Sportswoman of the Year is underway. 

- Rio plants seeds of doubt over environmental legacy. 

- How Public Transportation paved the route for successful LA '32 Games.

- Team USA website features new pics of the week & they're fantastic.  



"I'm beyond excited for the games to come to my backyard and the chance to have family & friends watch me do what I love in a city I love." - US Paralympian @Sammiecranks

"Happy dance! Hello my Olympic silver medal #cleansport #upgrade #2008" - @ShalaneFlanagan

"I love our country & company. I am stepping down from the council to focus on inspiring & uniting through power of sport. - CEO Kevin Plank" - @UnderArmour

"Of the 30 fastest men's 100m sprint times ever, only nine have been run by an athlete NOT banned for drugs - all 9 by Usain Bolt. #IAmBolt" - @sportingintel


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The USA Sports Council Newsletter 05

August 4, 2017
Newsletter 05


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on the Olympics and sports movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at the IOC, Paris and Los Angeles' 'win-win-win' announcement and WADA's line in the sand plus a roundup of some of the latest sports news. 

This week...

- #Paris2024 #LA2028
- WADA and Russia
- Roadmap to Code Compliance
- IWGA Enjoys Success at Wroclaw

and more.


The USASC Statement on Los Angeles 2028 Announcement

“The USA Sports Council joins in the excitement that the sports community in the USA is feeling after learning that the Olympic Games are coming back to this country, after 32 years since they were held in Atlanta in the summer of 1996.

From the time of the first Olympics in Los Angeles in 1932, to the “Festive Federalism” that was created by the community of athletes and sports leaders that came from Los Angeles 1984, this city once again establishes a firm footing as the creative and sports culture capital of the world.

This decision of the IOC to award to Olympic Games at the same time does away with a tradition but also brings a period of four years of calm and planning, and not of frantic and expensive bidding. Away with tradition, we welcome expediency.

The opportunities for further development of inclusive plans and programs that we might see by LA2028, not only in terms of the mainstream Olympic sports, but with Paralympics both domestic and international, local youth outreach programs which the LA84 Foundation has very successfully ran from a portion of the profit made in 1984, and the development of new sports are some of the accomplishments we expect to see. Meanwhile, the the state of technology we will see is still not on our horizon, but rest assured it will be there.

Remember, may of the future stars of LA28 are still in elementary school. Here is to the future and the youth of sports. A warm congratulations to Los Angeles and Paris for both getting the Games, and to the IOC for taking this unique step.


President/CEO The USA Sports Council, Alfredo La Mont




#Paris2024 and #LA2028 are Official. 

LA Times reports: "After weeks of negotiations with the International Olympic Committee, Los Angeles officials have reached a deal to host the 2028 Summer Games under terms they hope will generate hundreds of millions in savings and additional revenues." 


IPC Welcomes Decision for Paris and Los Angeles.

“The whole Paralympic Movement welcomes the decision by Los Angeles to put themselves forward to host the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Pending ratification at September’s IOC session, this effectively means Paris will stage the 2024 Games...

With Tokyo 2020 on course to stage one of the best Paralympic Games to date, the future looks extremely promising with Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028.”


Steps LA2028 Needs to Take to Pass Crucial City Council Vote. 

"Now that L.A.’s bid committee has negotiated terms with the International Olympic Committee to host to the 2028 Games — a deal trumpeted in a splashy event Monday at StubHub Center in Carson, one of the planned competition venues — officials must repeat the process and approve a similar financial guarantee to seal the bid."



WADA Insists Russia Must Accept Findings of Doping Report.

 "In a new road map, WADA has made acceptance of the [McLaren] report by the ministry and Russian Olympic Committee a key point as Russia tries to have its national drug-testing agency, known as RUSADA, reinstated." via Bloomberg. 


WADA Publishes "Roadmap to Code Compliance" Document

"WADA published the Roadmap to Code Compliance, which "outlines the reinstatement criteria that the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) must fulfill before WADA’s independent Compliance Review Committee (CRC) would recommend, to WADA’s Foundation Board, that they be declared compliant again with the World Anti-Doping Code (Code)." - via WADA. 



IWGA President Calls Wroclaw 2017 the Best World Games Ever.

"After the International Olympic Committee pledged to work close with us in their Olympic Agenda 2020, I think this was fantastic...I am very, very happy with how the Games have gone and I think Wrocław 2017 is the best World Games in our history."


Move over, Shark Week. Olympic Channel & Discovery Team Up.

“We’re trying to make the Olympic brand something that lives year round, we’re trying to take it to a younger audience and we’re trying to do that through entertaining and challenging content across long-form and short-form” 

“We need to amplify the best content and no matter who produces it, we want people to see that content." via Around the Rings.



Watch the Entire LA2028 Announcement VIDEO




- Local support pours in for #LA2028. 

- Netflix's "Icarus" Looks at Russian Doping Machine. Premieres August 4, 2017.

- Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti and Casey Wasserman Dive Into Details with Bill Simmons. 

- Simone Manuel backs up Olympic win with World Championship win. 

- Alley-Oop from EA Sports and WBNA. 

- The Daily Show's Trevor Noah has some LA2028 predictions. 

- This is the wrong kind of record to break...

- Don't tell blind athlete Erik Weinhenmayer that there's something he can't do...

- USA's largest Parkour retreat comes to Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Anita DeFrantz is considered a contender to return to the IOC vice-presidency. 

- You're never too old to dive back into the deep end, just ask Olympian Laura Wilkinson

- Hooray for Hollywood. Check out L.A. 2028's fun video "This Is Our L.A." 



"Thrilled to see the 2028 Olympics coming to Los Angeles. Thanks to @MayorOfLA Garcetti who worked hard to secure a big win for US athletics" - @JoeBiden

"Good news with LA declaration of candidature for 2028 Olympics: great candidature turned into an even greater win-win-win for all. Well done" - GAISF President Patrick Baumann @GAISF_President

"We're learning how to free-dive & we're doing a lot of parkour" - Sigourney Weaver to @MTV

"The comeback is always stronger than the setback" - Paralympian @TatyanaMcFadden

"In L.A. we speak over 200 languages. That means for #LA2028 we will know over 200 ways to say 'welcome'" - LA City Councilmember @HerbJWesson

"Too early to post a room on AirBnB for L.A. 2028?" - journalist @SaulKCRW

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The USA Sports Council Newsletter 04

July 21, 2017
Newsletter 04


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on the Olympics and sports movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at the IOC's Extraordinary Session and the launch of the Olympic Channel plus a roundup of some of July's latest sports news. 

This week...

- IOC Extraordinary Session in Lausanne
- The Helping Hand's Three Steps
- Olympic Channel Launches
- Play Smart. Play Safe.

and more.


"Sports has the power to change the world" - Nelson Mandela. 

Watch the USA Sports Council's Mandela Day VIDEO




Paris & L.A. Get Games as IOC Backs Dual Host Announcement
"It took a while and it was a little confusing but Thomas Bach eventually got what he wanted - unanimous backing for Paris and Los Angeles to become Olympic hosts..." via BBC Sport


The Helping Hand's Three Steps: Bringing Us Out of the Dark
"Through three simple steps, including protecting whistle-blowers, governments would render to sport the helping hand it so obviously needs, Jens Sejer Andersen said in his keynote speech at UNESCO's International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport." via Play the Game.


The Olympic Channel Launches
Sports Illustrated writes: "Why does such a channel exist? In 2014 the IOC, as part of its 2020 Agenda, prioritized the launch of a global digital Olympic TV channel. The digital/social version went live at the end of the Rio Games in 2016."  




Play Smart. Play Safe.
"In September last year, the NFL launched a new protocol surrounding concussions. The initiative, known as 'Play Smart. Play Safe' now specifies that whenever a player is suspected to have incurred a possible concussion, he must be removed immediately from the field and analyzed by a team physician, as well as an unaffiliated neurotrauma doctor." via Excelle Sports



Watch Video of the L.A. 2024 Candidate City Presentation
LA2024 presented its case at the  IOC 130th Session hosted in Lausanne.




- IOC sports director says composition of program for 2028 will remain same as 2024.

- Tatyana McFadden wins 4th Gold at the Para Athletics World Championships

- Lance Armstrong will "analyze, editorialize, and prognosticate"  about doping & the TDF. 

- The World Games 2017 kicks off in Wroclaw, Poland. 

- Simone Biles wins Best Female US Olympic Athlete at 2017 ESPYS

- "We Are Here" is a mantra to empower, motivate, and inspire action for all in sport.

- Athlete and Sports Business Travelers Alert and Update. 


'Q: "Andy, Sam is the first American player to reach the semi-final of a Slam since 2009..."
Murray: "Male player."' - @svenja_mastro

"Today's an exciting step towards making LA’s Olympic dream a reality! Thanks to President Bach, & @Olympics & @Paris2024 for your partnership" LA2024 Chair @caseywasserman

"I cannot be only person who preferred #Paris2024 and #LA2024 at each other's throats to this tripartite love..." - reporter @NickJMButler

"'When in doubt... choose to include!' -  @TimShriver accepts the @Cadillac Arthur Ashe Courage Award." - @ESPYS

"I wanna do it again!!" - @MichaelPhelps on his race with a great white shark for Shark Week. 


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The USA Sports Council Newsletter 03

July 7, 2017
Newsletter 03


Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on the Olympics and sports movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at the IOC Evaluation Commission, Trump & Bach's meeting, the latest on SafeSport plus a roundup of some of July's sports news. 

This week...

- IOC Evaluation Commission Report for 2024
- Skateboarding Split?
- 2021 Athletics World Championships Investigation
- Bach Meets Trump
- SafeSport Bill Introduced

and more.


We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! 



IOC Evaluation Commission Report for 2024...
This week, IOC released the report by the Evaluation Commission on LA2024 and Paris2024. 

Following reforms set out by Agenda 2020, the evaluation report "reflects the dynamism of two world-class cities and gives credit to the work undertaken by both cities, while underlining the close collaboration with the IOC during the whole evaluation process."


IOC 'Extraordinary' Session Details...
The daily schedule for July 9-12 IOC Meetings in Lausanne, is available, coffee breaks and all.


Skateboarding Warned of Split if FIRS & ISF Merger Happens.
Exclusive from Inside the Games: "Skateboarding faces a damaging split if a proposed merger with the International Roller Sports Federation (FIRS) goes ahead before the sport makes its debut on the Olympic programme at Tokyo 2020...

FIRS and the International Skateboarding Federation (ISF) are set to form a new body called World Skate."



FBI Investigating 2021 Athletics World Championships Award:
"The controversial decision to award the 2021 World Athletics Championships to Eugene, Oregon, is being investigated" by the FBI and the Criminal Division of the IRS. 

The US city was awarded the event in 2015 with athletics' governing body the IAAF bypassing the usual formal bidding process." via BBC Sport. 



Bach Meets Trump.
"President Trump "pledged his full support" for the Los Angeles bid to host a future Summer Olympics, the White House said Friday after an Oval Office meeting with the head of the International Olympic Committee." via LA TIMES. 


Law would make SafeSport Eligible for Federal Funding...

Senators John Thune (R-S.D.) and Bill Nelson (D-Fla.),  announced a bill that would allow SafeSport to be established as an independent entity eligible to receive federal funding. 



ISA Gains Recognition from IPC.

“Adaptive Surfing is a vibrant sport infused with youthful energy and high-performance qualities that we think would add great value to the Paralympic Games. We feel that Paralympic recognition is the next step forward in the ISA’s ultimate goal of seeing Adaptive Surfing included in the Paralympic Sports Program.” - ISA President Fernando Aguerre.




- Bethanie Mattek-Sands ends Wimbledon run in "a very weird position".

- USA Cycling releases updated policy on transgender athletes. 

Three Visions for the Future of Aquatic Sports.

- IAAF confirms documents were leaked by Russian hackers.

Playing through a Concussion, a first-hand look. 

- Venus Williams "lawfully entered" intersection in fatal car crash.

Measuring Muscle Gap "helps players back on their feet". 

Facebook, Twitter, & Snap seeking online rights to video from next year's World Cup.

Overheard On Social Media:

"You know UR competitive when texting a friend and he says he raced a shark and my question wasn't, are you ok. It was, who won? #swimmers" - @AmyVanDyken

"Innovative #2024Report is finally out. Olympic #Agenda2020 is a real game changer. Proud to be part of this experience with all colleagues" - @PBaumann_FIBA

"If we don't teach our children the fun inside of the process of winning AND losing then what are we teaching them? #play #learn #grow" -  LA2024 Athletes' Advisory Committee member @kobebryant

"dear past, thank you for all the lessons. dear future, i'm ready." - @gabrielledoug




Results from the IOC's 'Extraordinary' Session in Lausanne plus USA Sports Council Board Elections.


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The USA Sports Council Newsletter 02

June 23, 2017
Newsletter 02

Welcome Back To Our USASC Newsletter.

Highlighting important and relevant information on the Olympics and sports movement from WADA to the latest in emerging sports federations and sports culture. This time we're looking at the passing of good friends, the future of sport, and WADA's newest plus a roundup of some of the latest sports news from the month of June. 

This week...

- In Memoriam.
- Sport 2.0
- Parkour Survey
- Olympic City, USA
- The Mistaken Referee

and more.


The USA Sports Council wishes everyone a Happy Olympic Day. 

June has brought many exciting changes, some uncertainty and unfortunately, it has also brought the passing of two giants of the sport world. We remember them fondly. 

In memory: Hector Cardona


A good friend for over 40 years since the days when he was with the PUR Boxing federation, and as Secretary General of the NOC working with German Rieckehoff. Hector passed away at home surrounded by his family and with the thoughts of his friends. 

- The USA Sports Council President/CEO, Alfredo La Mont


In Memoriam: Hein Verbruggen

Former International Cycling Union President Hein Verbruggen passed away last week. 




WADA Suspends UCLA Laboratory Accreditation...
"The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has partially suspended its accreditation of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory (UCLA Laboratory) as it relates to analysis of specific prohibited substances, effective 14 June 2017 for a period of three months. The suspension of these analyses by the UCLA Laboratory -- which is located in Los Angeles, California, United States -- is a result of WADA’s quality assessment procedures that identified non-conformities with best practice."


Sport 2.0
"Last week the head of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, announced that freestyle BMX and three-on-three basketball would be introduced as events in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, joining karate, surfing, climbing, skateboarding and baseball/softball. The reason was obvious, although Bach didn’t quite put it in these terms: the Games needed to be funked up for a younger generation." via the Guardian. 



Parkour to Gymnastics: Thanks, But No Thanks
A recent poll by Inside the Games showed that a majority want Gymnastics (FIG) to stay out of Parkour. 



Being Olympic City USA:
After June 9th Groundbreaking Ceremony, "A chance for Colorado Springs to prove its stature as Olympic City USA." via the CS Independent.


Title IX turns 45.
"As Title IX celebrates its 45th anniversary, one impact of the law is clear: Millions more girls now grow up playing sports, a reality that seemed impossible in the early 20th century." via USA TODAY. 



The Loneliness of the Mistaken Referee...

"While it’s mostly thankless, from a fan-appreciation standpoint, to be a referee, it is especially lonely for the referee who has made a mistake. The operating assumption of sports has it that refs are never allowed to be wrong—a standard to which we rarely hold the players, and one to which we certainly never hold ourselves." via The New Yorker. 




Anita DeFrantz and Joan Benoit Samuelson honored at the Los Angeles Coliseum. 

- Campaign for IPC Presidency Begins

- Cool Runnings: Anyone can try to make the Olympic Bobsled Team.

- McDonald's and IOC are Parting Ways. 

- U.S. Senator Chris Murphy wrote about sports and culture in the United States ahead of the Congressional Baseball Game. 

- Andy Murray will donate his winnings from Queen's Club Championships to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. 

- CAS asked to mediate SUP dispute between ICF and ISA. 

Trump meets with Bach to discuss #LA2024 Bid. 

- In a merger of sports and technology, Intel and IOC Partner Up

- Record number of events held in USA on #OlympicDay. 

Overheard On Social Media:

"She told me to not fear challenges and obstacles I would encounter. Anita DeFrantz is my hero" - Michelle, of #LA84 grantee, RowLA - @LA84Foundation

"Title IX has meant a lot to the game, the sport, & my family as well." - @Candace_Parker 

"#OlympicDay has me in my feels" - @Simone_Biles

"one of the more unfortunate acronyms in Sport..." - @pbarkersport on the WTF dropping the F.



More on the Tokyo2020 Events, the likelihood of #LA2024, SportAccord, Emerging Sports, and more.

Have a Happy 4th of July!